Privacy Policy

We considers your privacy to be one of our utmost concerns and takes reasonable steps in ensuring the safety of any of your information privy to this site. Certain personal information is collected to assist with your prescription details and improving your customer experience. This information is maintained confidential and is never sold, rented or given away to anyone.

Privacy And Security:

Your personal information is vital and maintains strict policies and procedures to ensure its security as well as privacy. All reasonable means are taken to prevent unauthorized access. Your data stored in our computers has restricted access with permission being given for its use, only to our employees and others that have a business need to ensure smooth and safe customer experience for you.

Safeguarding Your Medical Information:

We assures that your personally identifiable medical information shall not be made available, sold, rented or given away for use in marketing activities. Collected information is only used and shared for your requested transactions and for requirements that are legally allowed.

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